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The Liberty Zone Free Press makes all of its issues available online in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Click here to download the reader.

Below you will find some tips to help make use of some of these features. These tips are based on a Window platform with Internet Explorer browser.

Tips and Tools
  1. Maximize Browser Window
  2. The Table of Contents (Bookmarks)
  3. The Zoom Tools
  4. The Hand Tool
  5. The Page Number Tools
  6. Multi-Page Article Links

1.) Maximize your browser window Back to Tips
It is usually a good idea to maximize your browser window if you are getting ready to read the whole issue. Click on the "Maximize Window" Icon (highlighted in yellow below) on the top right corner of your browser window.

2.) Table of Contents (Bookmarks Panel) Back to Tips

Think of the Bookmarks Panel (highlighted in red below) as an interactive Table of Contents. You can click on any of the items listed and you will jump to that page in the reading panel. The Bookmarks reflect the Table of Contents published in the top right corner of the paper. If you click on "Pagosa Free Press Website" you will return to the PFP home page.

You can open and close the Bookmarks panel by clicking on the "Bookmarks" tab, on the top left side of the panel.

All PDF pages are displayed to fit in the reading panel size.

3.) The Zoom Tools Back to Tips

With your mouse, click anywhere on the newspaper in the right hand reading pane. Then right click (use the right hand mouse button) to bring up the tools menu. It should look like the menus below. Highlight the Zoom Tools. You will see the 3 Zoom Modes.
The tool. Switches the default Hand Tool to the Zoom In Tool and allows you to Zoom In to an area you are interested in. You can left click repeatedly to Zoom in in increments or by drawing a box around the area by left dragging (click and hold your left mouse button) and create a box. The reading pane will zoom into the area inside the box you have drawn.
The tool. You can enter the Zoom Out mode by holding the Control key (CTRL) while in the Zoom IN mode. This will momentarily switch to Zoom out and you can left click repeatedly to Zoom Out in in increments or by drawing a small box you can Zoom Full page.

The Zoom Fit Page and Zoom Fit Width buttons as well as all of the Zoom Tools are also available on the Top Tool bar highlighted in red below. Play with the tools to become familiar with them and how they work.

4.) The Hand Tool Back to Tips
The Hand Tool (highlighted in Red below) is the default mode that you are in when you open a Free Press Issue. When you are in this mode, the mouse cursor will show a hand. When you are zoomed into an article, this tool allows you to scroll the paper up, down, left or right by left dragging (hold your left mouse button down and drag) in the direction you want to see. An extension of this "hand" tool is the "pointed finger" tool. You will notice that when the hand tool goes over some text or pictures, it will turn to a pointed finger. This means this text is "clickable" and will take you to the webpage it is pointed to... an easy way to get to the source of the information.

5.) The Page Number Tools Back to Tips
The Page Number Tools (highlighted in Red below) are used to navigate between pages. Click in the box with the page numbers (3 of 40 in the example below) and type the page number you want to go to, then hit enter. The reading pane will jump to that page. You can click on the Right Arrow to move one page forward or the Left Arrow to move one page back. The Arrows on the ends are to move to the First Page or Last Page of the Issue.

6.) Multi-Page Article Links Back to Tips