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Liberty Zone Free Press Resource Library

Clickable links are underlined and will take you directly to the page or video. Other Resource Links and Files!

Comprehensive Document Resource: For many topics in finance, IRS Fraud, government tyranny, jurisdiction/citizenship and far more.

Mortgage Foreclosure:

Colorado Motions to Dismiss Rule 120 hearing case, with case law and Colorado statutes, etc. Good material!

Colorado Court Reply to Petitioner's Response to Rule 120 Dismissal Motion above, with case law and Colorado statutes, etc. Even more good material!

My Original QWR to Aurora Loan Services!

Foreclosure Response packages: Below are two "packages" of information being used in foreclosure defense. The first is factual information, including case law, on the banking and mortgage fraud taking place against us all. Download or open all documents and study them, to know what they say. Follow the directions for sending these to the proper parties, customizing them to your particular facts and issues. This could jump start a full investigation

This second set of documents is a recent development in foreclosure defense which has NOT been corroborated, but shows great promise, especially the recision of the power of attorney, and reconveyance of the trust and beneficiary.

Karen Trappert Reconveyance of Deed Package (Karen claims to provide this package completed for people, as a paid service, and can supposedly be reached at strikebackatpreditorylenders7(at)gmail.com. KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS PACKAGE SHOULD BE USED BY ANYONE WITH A MORTGAGE, WHETHER IN FORECLOSURE OR NOT.

Below is material for obtaining documentation should someone choose to bring suit against these banks and predatory lenders for fraud, which could bring treble damages, and could also help bring foreclosures to an end for everyone.

Use this public domain document as a template to customize to send to your present mortgage company, and all those who were part of your present loan. You don't have to be in foreclosure to use this form to determine whether fraud is involved with your mortgage. This can stop foreclosures, and prepare a paper trail to possibly use later in court, or for a "Quiet Title" on your home. Be sure to contact the law club for references if you want to learn more on how to stand up for your rights.

Withholding Tax Opt Out Documentation: These documents are public information documents regarding your opting out of the supposedly "mandatory" withholding of your hard earned money. This is a legal process, as IR Code and case law proves. Print out, or copy and past into your word processor to edit. Be sure to let your employer know that they will save a good chunk of money as well. This is one way to begin taking back your money and freedoms!

Please note: If you choose to opt out of the payroll deduction, and you plan to continue in self-assessing for unconstitutional "income" taxation, then you might end up owing money to the IRS, and will NOT have a refund at the end of the year, so plan accordingly. Only if you understand the taxing laws, the IR Code (which has no place that makes most Americans personally liable for the so-called "income" tax), and court case law, should you NOT pay these taxes, because you may be challenged. Educate yourself and take back your freedoms!

Grand Jury Request Documents! (Send certified mail, return receit requested, or just certified mail (no return receipt.. cheaper) and then go to the USPS website and print out the tracking report for your records... you MUST be able to show they received this document... then if they do NOT respond, you have legal recourse!

Archuleta County, LaPlata County and Rio Grande County Grand Jury Request: (All three are same DA and Judge Lyman, only Sheriff differs for counties. Use these as format

Grand Jury Information - PDF

Simply click on any of the document links above, and copy and past into a word processor, and customize for your county/district for Grand Juries and person you want to send to.

Property Taxes:




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