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UPDATE September 14, 2021

(The P.O. box address in our last paper is no longer open as we did not need it. If anyone wants to get a hold of us, please email truth@libertyzone.org.

It is apparent that the libs/Dems and Rino's, with support from China and other enemies, are bound to destroy America as we know it. This is the time for American's to STAND against this covid fraud, the vaccine threat, the government corruption, voter fraud and other ongoing crimes against humanity, or the civil war at our doorstep WILL take 100 million American lives in 6 months.

Front Line Doctors with excellent vaccine and virus facts and truth. Stop the vaccine mandate your employer may try to force on you.

Alternative News Sources: Liberty Zone News Briefs: Telegram account for your desktop or smartphone for up-to-date facts on what is really going on - great source for many channels and real news, not fake news lies. Simply click the "JOIN" button and you will get regular feeds as they are added. You can keep the channel on "mute" so the notifications don't bother you, and review the links and info at your leisure!

The Liberty Zone Free Press (Previously Southwest Free Press - southwestfreepress.com) has not printed since the last publication listed on our Back Issue Page, due to economic downturn and funding/advertising decreases, however, we are pleased to now be able to begin printing again due to investors and patriots across Colorado who are worried about the deep state government and fake news media corruption and want to support educating the public about our rights and duties as free people in these united States. If anyone wishes to donate, please see the donate button at left.

The Liberty Zone Free Press is an "alternative news" newspaper dedicated to providing the real news in Colorado and America, and to providing resources, education, and means to really bring change to your personal life and our country. This requires seeking the truth through research and investigation on all of our parts. We welcome original articles, or permission-based articles from other authors or websites, as well as letters to the Editor. We are in this together.

The decrease in many mainstream fake news papers across the country is evidence that more and more people are looking to alternative news media for truth they are not getting in mainstream newspapers. The Free Press cannot possibly print all there is on the many subjects that are critical to know about and understand, but it does print the outlines of these issues. It is critical that people follow up on the issues, research the topics online using the research sources provided. This is the greatest weapon we have against the deep state threats we all face. By acting on this knowledge, we can make a difference.

We remain committed to the mission of the free press in a free society - as a light exposing corruption, fraud, waste and abuse of power wherever and whenever it is found. We also seek to provide a free-and-open debate about the great moral and political ideas facing our great Republic, by providing a truthful forum for our readers to interact with and join the Revolution to take our freedoms back. We are receiving lots of attention from other Colorado counties watching what we are doing here, and hope to expand this educational project in the near future.

Reprinting of LZFP material permitted with reference to Liberty Zone Free Press. Other copyrights listed accordingly.

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Liberty Zone Free Press December Flier: You can copy and paste links from this doc into your browser for quick access! (For more copies of this publication, please email us to arrange for pickup... patriots only!)


People's Rights News Room for Colorado: Other state area news can be found on the People's Rights website!

- Mandatory Mask Requirement & Covid19 Fraud Facts!

- Chinese Communist Party infiltration into our government

- PCR Covid testing severely flawed, up to 100% false positives - deliberate fraud!