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Liberty Zone Free Press Mission Statement:

The Liberty Zone Free Press is dedicated to educating our fellow Americans on the issues NOT reported in Mainstream (lamestream) media. An ignorant population is a slave population. Our Founding Generation dedicated their lives to making sure people were protected by law, and that they had the responsibility to be vigilant regarding freedoms. Today, many take those freedoms for granted, and expect others to protect them and have their best interests at heart. This is a lie, and a dangerous position for a free people to take.

We also seek to provide a free-and-open debate about the great moral and political ideas facing Archuleta County and beyond, by providing an unbiased forum for our readers to serve one another and to learn and teach. We are in a fight for our country and freedoms, and we must pull together or we WILL fall apart!

Jeff Maehr
Publisher & Editor

I began my trek into "truth" back in the early 70's with natural health interests. I was challenged by something I read while traveling around the country with a friend. It launched me into natural health care, organic foods, and to obtaining my Docterate in Chiropractic in 1980. Practicing till 1994 in various capacities, including with the medical profession in California, I "retired" from active practice due to a previous back injury while serving in the Navy. Focusing primarily on health and wellness via a website (Pure Health Systems) and phone consultations since 1994, I continued being challenged on issues such as the Constitution, taxation, government, etc., and found there to be just as much fraud and misinformation in this arena as in the health arena.

After researching these issues since 2002, and having great passion regarding threats to our way of life, I, and associate, Jeff Kelley, were offered the opportunity to take over the Pagosa Free Press, or let it die. Realizing the need to wake people up regarding the threats to our Republic, we did so, starting from scratch, and slowly introduced the paper, along a different tangent... one of the Constitution, Rule of Law, truth and freedom... and educating people on what we need to do to take back our Republic. We must take action, NOW, to reverse the damages done by traitors throughout leadership positions. Only We, the People, will be able to change things, or perish by apathy and indifference.

Jeff Kelley
Advertising, Marketing & Editing